Smart Money Betting More Downside To Come

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Chatter suggests some hedge funds may have seen this plunge coming and got short last week. So what are they doing now?

Before we get to that, we first wanted to make sure there was substance behind the chatter.And analysis from seems to confirm that there is, in fact, a great deal of substance. is a company that finds stocks in the marketplace that hedge funds and high frequency traders are looking toshort. And CEO John Tabacco tells us last Thursday the number of requests to locate stocks to short jumped 50% above the normal 60-day average; with top requests listed below:

Most Requested Stocks To Short Last WeekAmbacCitigroupBank of AmericaMBIAFrontier FinancialSource: John Tabacco, Locatestock

So what’s the smart money doing now?With the market turning negative for the year on Friday, you’d think the smart money would be covering. But they’re not.

”Now, they’re doubling down and shorting more,” says Tabacco, “with financials the most shorted again.”You read that right. Despite the sharp declines this week the smart money is getting shorter.”Our analytics suggests there’s a big event out there and there could be more downside,” says Tabacco.What’s the bottom line?Next week could be a rough one. Better be on your toes !

Luca Giusti


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